We are dedicated to assisting women and children in transitioning from domestic situations. Yet seizing every opportunity to bridge the gap between the community and the consumer. Providing resources, products, and services to everyone in need. Teaching individuals to Manage” their life, “Elevate” to the next level and “Lead” someone else.


My love and passion for serving others led me down the path that has unveiled many opportunities for me. I started M.E.L. Inc (Manage Elevate Lead) 10 years ago and it was just a vision of a mentoring program for young women, which I originally name MHMP Inc. (Mended Hearts Mentoring Program). At the time, I had no idea that would be just a small piece of a much bigger plan and purpose for my life. It was just the foundation that needed to be laid in order for me to begin operating in my gift “service”. That small dream to me…. that I was oh so passionate about. Lead me down a path of serial entrepreneurship that has opened doors I never envisioned.
When I first began this Journey I had just gotten laid off my job in Corporate America. I had bills that still needed to be paid and with a new business venture (a non-profit) one at that, I prayed cried and questioned God more than I ever; showed 99% of the time. I have always had a preserver type of spirit. A willingness to overcome obstacles. A mindset that refused to quit. My grandmother taught me that resilience is the key to success. So my desire to succeed overpowers my fear of failure daily…still. This journey has been lonely at times. I’ve stayed up working some nights to the point where I became nauseous. I’ve had people start out with me and quit, because they couldn’t see and didn’t believe in my dream. To top it off I lost my sister to a tragedy in June of 2019 and that merely knocked the breath out of me. She was one person that had and I always knew would have my back. Then my grandmother “Hazel” who was my inspiration, March of 2020. Yet, even in the midst of the heartbreak I had a responsibility to the children I feed, the communities and the staff that help me make it happen, so quitting is far from optional.
My business is Giving, Helping, Encouraging, Providing and Guiding. Those are the things that I am most proud of. Loving what I do, and operating as though it is a lifestyle, verses work is what sets me apart from others. It gives me the opportunity to bridge the gap between the community and the consumer. To provide resources, products, and services to everyone I encounter. M.E.L. Inc is the thriving force behind the efforts I put forth in every area of my life. I truly believe that the name suites the mission. “M” – Manage Your Life, “E” – Elevate to the Next Level and “L” – Lead someone along the way. “M.E.L.” that’s who I am, that’s how I live, and that’s what I strive to do